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Zoë Says:

"I have had several readings from Sakira and they have all blessed my life. She taps into my energy each time though we’ve never met, it’s as if we are in each others presence 😍. Each reading has truly reflected my past, present, and future. I have not had a moment where something has came out in a reading and it hasn’t resonated with me. Her readings are in depth and have encouraged me to start some major healing in my life in areas that I haven’t been ready to do so. She channels all the messages from spirit, the cards, and caters to the need of the individual and it’s made all the difference. I don’t watch many Tarot readers or let people read for me, but Sakira is someone you can trust 💛"

Zaria Says:

"For starters this girl is bombbbb. Her readings are bound to connect with you, whether it’s right there &’ then or a couple of days after. When i’m having trouble with myself Kira is my go too. Her readings &’ vibe just gives off so much clarity. 😩 Wow I love this girl ."

Katia Says:

"Ok, first of all, I have to say that I heard the audio that you sent me twice! And I'll hear a lot more trust me 😍 Now, it's f$&#ing unbelievable, how did you do it? The accuracy, it resonated A LOT! I have no words, you really left me speechless!😮 How did you know that sh#$?? Excuse my french, but it's just mind blowing!!!! The ability of knowing all of that, my past, my present, the things that I went through, the way I'm feeling, the kind of work that I'm putting into , the choices that I'm making, what I'm going through now, what I'm thinking, what I know that I need to do and haven't done it yet 😂.. it's really impressive!!! I don't know what else to say, just, the people that don't get a reading from you, oh they really don't know what they're missing!! Also, you get all of that from a life purpose spread, no questions, I wasn't talking to you,you didn't ask me anything, you just recorded an audio and sent it to me!! I'm so overwhelmed! TY divine for putting her in my life🙏🙏💜"

Rosa Says:

"I had a “love reading” with Sakíra and it was AMAZING! She literally tapped into my soul and brought to light a lot of the things that I was feeling doubtful. It was crazy how spot on she was about everything, also her energy is warm and makes you feel like everything is going to be okay, and she’s funny! ☺️🤣 If you need any guidance or clarity I would 10/10 recommend a reading from her."

Sarah Says:

"Her reading was amazing, it was my present going into my future it hit dead on the things that I knew were going on in my life she spoke of, and the things that I wanted to know for my life she hit it when I heard her speak my soul tangled, and I felt that, I believed it thank you so much. I know exactly what I need to do thank you girl."

Jose Says:

"The reading from sakíra was beautiful. I was getting confirmations for everything i’d been wondering. I love that she had some many decks incorporated. I loved her energy and how tapped in she is. As a fellow reader I loved the message and the style. It was more than I hoped for. Thank you 💛🥰😇🙏🏻🧿🧘🏻‍♂️ bouta go re listen to it rn actually 😂🤓"

Lucius Says:

"The readings are really inspiring and helpful."

Ehrlich Says:

"😧😧 ..only 15 minutes in and I'm already super shocked at how accurate this is. Like you have no idea how specifically on point this is, lol. Also, you're pretty good at this.. and I don't just mean the reading. Presentation wise, keeping it engaging and fun, most people can't do that. Like the 40 minutes went by and I didn't even really realize it”

Judy Says:

"OMGGGGGGGHGGGGG !! When I say you was on point !!! Like I'm just speechless and I wanna say THANK YOU! I definitely needed clarity on my situation. Like I knew I needed to stop talking to him but I just hate starting over. And it's crazy because definitely just ended for sure! And then I got your reading. Like wow !!! I'm still amazed. You are truly gifted. Thank you soooo much. Like you don't even understand how grateful l am for for you."

Lowell Says:

“I forgot to tell you but you were spot on. It was scary honestly.”

“Well the part about me being cold hearted and being hurt. Looking for love”

“It made me come to a key realization”

Katia Says:

“Ok I just finished listening the audio and.…. OMFG!!! It resonates A LOT! If you want me to send you audios explaining what was on spot I can do that tomorrow. But really, almost everything resonated, and OH MY LORD such a beautiful message. I always thought that being bossy (in a good way) was not to good for me because of other people, and even me being confident, like to secure of myself, always felt like a badass bitch 🤣🤣 and in my younger age I was like that, but 10/7 years ago I started to change that cos I was thinking it was my ego, I was deviating from what I should be, but maybe that's my innerstrength,and boundaries, and I need to use it along with what I've learned, love and compassion. Just wow!!! 🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😮😮😮🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. Thank you so much 💜💜💜.”

Felicia Says:

“Sis!!!! I got it and was able to listen and sis.. First of all. Thank you! Second, this is pretty accurate……. It sums up this past month. Thank you so much!!!! This just gave mad clarity. I'm broken. But the change been happening this week. YO Thank you”

Jose Says:

“I was so busy yesterday but I listened in between all my errands and work lol the reading was beautiful. I resonated heavily with the messages such as trying to balance the ebbs and flow of life and so much more.. the get your head out of your ass killed me cause I was like 🤨😂 spirit really knows that i've felt kind of stagnant but it really is just a phase. Also the seriousness factor and having more fun is so essential I am such a serious person as most of my chart is in the fixed signs sol embrace change but the transitions do hit me hard sometimes. The whole message was beautiful, again thank you so so much! and definitely let me know When I can channel for you!! ❤️😇😇🙏🏻. Keep doing this you're definitely have been blessed too guide others as many of us are!.”

Zoe Says:

“Oh it's definitely on point. I'm like a little less than half way through too.“

“Listen with the ancestral wisdom, air element, connect with spirit. I just moved to a new place and I need to set up my divinity table. And I need to set up my altar for my ancestors, and right now you're saying you hope it resonates, it does”

“You're saying lots of 3s right now at 3:33 AM. In sync.”.

Sarah Says:

“🥰🥰 thank you so much!!!!! That shit was ON POINT! Wow... u made me laugh smile n cry lol that was awesome! Thank u thank u so much! 💖much love to u! N I know u said it was free but I feel like I should send something to show gratitude 💖 that was amazing. Blessings to u.”

Tiffany S. Says:

“Hello yes I just got finished listening and yes this reading resonates with me you knew everything that's happening in my life especially with my ex he was a liar I got emotional because I've had readings before but this was the best I didn't have to give any details and you repeated my life to me I knew it was a reason I followed you on here I felt real connected with this reading that I was emotional and almost cried I know what I need to do it's just that sometimes my mind be in overdrive and I overthink mainly about the past I'm currently working on healing from it I had a breakthrough with my ex and he apologized for lying to me for years and we're working on being in a more positive space with better communication for the sake of our son thank you I really needed this reading”

Rose Says:

“I'm so grateful that you did this reading for me. Wow. Just woW. I honestly cried during this reading. EVERYTHING WAS ON POINT. I recently got out of a 7 year relationship and we're talking a bit and I've been feeling confused but obviously I'm being guided to let go lol spirit couldn't have emphasized it enough! 😂 I do have childhood trauma that I have been thinking about revisiting lately but have been afraid to but it's needed for sure 😩 I think that and relationship issues is where all that wanting to control come from. I'm taking this guidance and running with it! Thank you so much Sakira for taking the time to do this! ❤️❤️❤️ I really am grateful for this reading, it definitely brought clarity. Also thanks for making me laugh 😂 I love your energy! I will be paying for a future reading! ☺️✨❤️“

Bianca Says:

“Thank you for my reading love. I really appreciate it. It really resonated with me, at first when you were speaking about the past I was really wondering what exactly you could be referring to but after I took a nap and I woke up I realized it wasn't anything in the distant past and it was actually something that happened about a month ago that really hurt and it was someone I considered very close to me and I've had trouble forgiving not only them but myself as well mainly because I'm so intuitive and didn't understand how I allowed them past my guards.”

“This gave me so much clarity thank you so much my darling. Literally got goosebumps when I was listening to the reading.”

Taylor Says:

“Girl!! Your reading was so good I have been having heartburn and stomach aches!!! Wow and everything affirmed what I've been feeling. Like feeling tired after going through so much. Feeling lazy I feel like I've been closing karmic cycles and debt After going through something so painful With my mental health for years and working so hard to get to where I am I've been called to be more logical and get out of my head. Get out of the past. Old energies. I've been going through some romantic troubles. You're rlly in tune I'm amazed :)”

Jazmin Says:

“Hi Sakíra, thank you so so so much for my reading! I spent the whole time listening and taking everything in. I cried man! It was so touching and I couldn't thank you and the spirits enough for giving me such clarity. The parts that were the craziest was when you mentioned the lightening bolt. My ex was named ***** like the super hero with the symbol on his chest. I left him after two years of being together and living together. I couldn't do it.. he's a cheater and had no path. He recently started watching my stories and I've been on edge with it … wondering as to why. As for the new guy…crazy! I'm so distant bec my guard is UP! I'm scared to get hurt again so rather focus on myself. Also, my mom came through to you and I'm at peace knowing she's with me and that she doesn't want me to remember the hard times when she was sick. That was something she always said to me when she was alive! So thank you so much ✨. And YES the song you heard while shuffling those cards …. THATS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL! like WHY ME! ITS ALL HIS FAULT TYPE OF THING. And I always wondered why he treated females this way. And @11:11 when I was with him…. I would always wish to be happy. But thank you so much for my reading I needed to hear all that!”

Stoney Says:

“I need u to get out of my window. That's was amazing it hit so hard. Do u have a cash app i truly believe in u and I want to support. That was so amazing I know exactly what u are telling me. It did resonate 100% I'm so happy you just don't know. I wanted to ask you about love but I didn't cuz I was scared but u felt it”

Keke Says:

“Definitely feel like I was meant to hear this reading at this very moment. Definitely great timing. Thank you so muchhhhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️you’re great at what you do !”

Zaria Says:

“You’re a fucking miracle okay. I love you 😭❤️. Your readings be on fucking point”

Rose Says:

”Hey love I didn't get the chance to really thank you for the reading 🙏🏻 It resonated so much and you were on point. At the time I was talking to friends explaining how I was thinking that being a therapist was not the path for me anymore. After your reading it solidified what I was planning, which is to finish the program but not pursue my license. I was in my head A LOT and this reading allowed me to really reflect on why I chose this path. It seemed right at the time and a safe choice since ultimately I wanted to help people and also learn how to heal myself from childhood trauma. I've been working on what you suggested and I've been taking note of my thought process and being kinder to myself. It helped a lot that you said not to worry because it's just another life experience because honestly the amount of money into this degree is What got me along with expectations from others. I'm going with the flow now, and working on myself within. Thanks again for all of the messages that you gave me 💖💖💖.



You know that first reading, the love reading, really helped me shift my life around and helped me to let go of a toxic relationship. It helped in leading me to where I am today, and you don't

know how grateful I am to you for that, and i just wanted you to know.”

Dasia Says:

“wow... just wow... bc not you literally read my whole life like. the things you spoke on in the reading are exactly the things that just happened recently. some things are still occurring but, i’m honestly trying my hardest to work on it and i feel myself getting somewhere. it isn’t easy for me but i’m fr trying. i really loved this reading and feel like it was fr made for me because you didn’t miss one thing lmaoooooo, i nearly cried like bc it’s so accurate. thank you so much fr, i’m working on my healing process and want to continue my spiritual journey as well. i feel like that would make shit 10x better for me honestly. 🤍🤍🤍 but thank you omg. I really needed and appreciated that, it opened my eyes honestly and i will definitely not stop talking about this reading to my friends fr 🥲 thank you 🥰💙💙💙

Liza Says:

“Hello! I am texting you here to let you know that, I got your amazing reading 🤍 The reading truly resonates with me. I am really thankful for your insightful reading 🤍🤍“

Deepa Says:

 “The thing I understand from this reading is that may be he is unsure but he has feelings for me 🥺. And the best part I get from this reading is that YOU GUYS WILL RECONNECT AGAIN 🥺. Thanku thanku soo much I just pray and hope for the positive 🤞🤞. Thanku Sakira ❤️💫”

Lauren Says:

Thank you thank you thank you I so appreciate you giving me a reading. And yk what. I did resonate with it and your right. I think I just needed to hear it from someone else. Thank you. I believe I have healed but honestly probably some part of me hasn't fully and you made it clear I just need to work on my own thoughts and beliefs on love.

Stephanie Says:

"The reading I got was genuinely so accurate the person who i asked for actually reached out to me on Friday but everything you said was so spot on its insane. i literally gasped when you said things that resonated with my person like no ones ever been that spot on before pls, I'll definitely be coming back for more readings, one of the best ones iv gotten so far, it made me realize a lot of things. You're so good at what you do and your personality is unmatched plsss !! thank you so much I truly appreciate it pls <3."

Corrina Says:

“I truly enjoy this wonderful beings energy. Whenever I get the chance to I always try to book a reading with her. For this reading before I booked with her I was seeing a lot of spiders. To which I knew there was something I needed to know, but I couldn't understand the message that my spiritual team was trying to show me. So I came to ask for help. Let me tell you!!! She had my back in this!!! I felt my reading resonated 100%. I was told that change was upon me. There is a for lack of better terms a journey that needs to be taken. I've been having a calling/gut feeling within my life that it was time to take a leap of faith. However, I will admit I'm afraid to or in other words self sabotage myself (which was also brought up in my reading). After my reading I feel I had a clear understanding. I feel my question was answered in a timely fashion. Very friendly individual. Y'all stop playing and book a reading. You won't regret it.”

Thamshira Says:

"Hey first of all thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful reading 🥺💛 this made me so happy and excited at the same time as to what's coming my way and your voice 🤌 it's soo calming & soothing i loved how you answered all my questions in your own way thank you so so much I'm so grateful please keep doing this you're helping so much through your readings, may god bless🙏.”

Marianne Says:

“Received the email! Just listened to it now. I can’t tell you how much this lifted my mood as I have been in a low spirit the whole day, and the moment I listened to the reading i’ve never felt so connected to a reading as much as this one, and I have you to thank for that! I’ve been getting The World lately and it feels good knowing that all my efforts does lead somewhere someday. Thank you so so much! You were also so kind while delivering my message 🥺 hopefully someday, the time I get successful and hopefully earn something from my efforts, I won’t and never forget this moment you gave me and I can give back you 🤍 Thank you so much again 🥹 I wish you all the success and happiness in life 🍀 I’ll be supporting you 💫”

Zaria Says:

”Well damn girl come thru w. the come thruuu 😮‍💨🫶🏾🫶🏾. thank yu so much for your guidance 🫶🏾 well needed &' like you said I know wassup. I was is conflicted if it should be asap or if I needed some time. however that reading you js did gave me so much clarity so thank youuu mama 🙏🏾🤎you'll be definitely seeing another booking from me when the time is needed 🙏🏾✨ peace &’ abundance to you love ❤️‍🔥🫶🏾“

Alysha Says:

“Gillirl! That reading was it!!!! Thank you!!!”

Sara S. Says:

“I had a reading with u thank u so much for ur deep reading and u talked about things i have like i need to focus on somethings and im busy with when i just gave u my name and birthdate!! Any ways thank so much i had a truly amazing experience with u thank u 🤍🤍🤍.”

Sara S. Says:

“Thank u so much!!! I did a feedback on ur website anyway thank for ur deep reading everything u said was true actually i was just looking for marriage because of some family issues but i will get over till I have the time. Thank u again 🤍”

Tiffany C. Says:

“So I've been meaning to get back to you. I have listened to your reading over and over and over and I've never heard something so accurate being said about myself. I want to thank you for taking the time to do the reading. I'm not going to lie I have been trying to do some shadow work for some time and as I also figure out plenty of things about myself and my inner child I feel like I don't know how to move forward with what I've actually learned about myself. I don't really know what's the right way to heal from those things. I don't know the appropriate way to approach my relatives and I don't know how to let those things go. I feel as if I am just living with it but not healing and I don't really know what to do. Again thank you it was very needed.”

Sarah Says:

”Man, you have a gift that reading was spot on and for some reason I knew it was going to go in the direction it went! Your vibe the way you read the cards is so genuine and honest, that even when it is something you don't want to hear you can't help but smile. I can't wait for my next one! Thank you!!!”

Nichelle Says:

“Sakira, is a sincerely special conduit for this medium. She is fully herself in her readings, which that alone is such a gift, but she does a wonderful job at tuning into someone'e specific energy. There is always a nod toward the highest self messages and she communicates the messages with a gentle but firm kindness so all information feels like the epiphanies that have been with us all along. she is a magical presence and a very talented guide in the tarot and channeling world. Highly recommend.”

Lucius A. Says:

“If you haven't booked a reading with Ms. Gold, what are you waiting for? I was blown away by how accurate you were on everything. Thank you for helping me take a deeper look at myself and making everything so comfortable. Believe me, if you book a reading today, you'll get a reading filled with very gracious, uplifting, and positive energy. Thank you so much, Ms. Gold a.k.a. Sakira for my first-time experience into looking into me. It was wonderful, exciting, and helpful! Keep up the awesome work. You are truly the best of the best.”

Alysha Says:

“Sakira is so genuine and makes you feel apart of the conversation of your questions without feeling judgement! She has such a pure energy mixed with a fun spin on energy, so even if readings haven’t been your thing before, she breaks the stereotypes and makes it feel fun and validating!”

Xavier Says:

“Every single reading I got it was mind blowing”

Mariah Says:

“All of my readings resonated and gave me clarity. Thank you so much.”

Ashley Says:

“Sakira! I just listened to the recording. WOW WOW WOW! Your reading touched my soul and was so incredible to listen to while looking at the picture of cards. I am blown away, everything, every word was so on point. I am incredibly thankful and grateful for your time and energy putting this together for me. I had tears in my eyes the entire time. This hit hard and has light my fire back on. I am in awe of the cards that came through. I extremely resonated with every card and your flow of perspective. Thank you so very much!!! This means a lot to me. Overwhelming when the reading ended with my libra sign. Incredible.”

Indira Says:

“The reading Sakira gave me touched my heart & soul. It gave me not only clarity but also a sense of peace. She provided such a vivid description that I really feel that the universe heard me. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. Thank you!”

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All non-group readings must be canceled at least 72 hours prior to scheduled reading date, in order to receive a full refund. Please contact us for any personal queries

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